Manchester Focus Group #3

dsc_0073Our third Manchester focus group at Brighter Sound was lots of fun, with a third set of new people interested in our Noise Machine project. We were able to show the group some new circuit designs including the VCO-LFO-LPF setup and some early tests for drum circuits. The group had some fantastic suggestions and discussion points, one which was particularly interesting was around the element of control in performance. For example if you found an particular timbre or sound you wanted to loop or hold, would this be possible (sample and hold circuitry …) and is there a possibility for the light option to be switchable so that if you were recording and wanted reproduce a particular sequence of events or sounds you were able to do this and record. Participants all commented on how fun and exciting they found the light element and the playability, one member who had been playing synthesizers for 20 years had never seen the inside of these electronic instruments and particularly interested to see how they worked. We also discussed the potential of creating randomised poly rhythms but also having the option to sync or combine steady rhythms with more random sounds over the top .. ‘chaos option’ one member describing this as having ‘sense in the rhythm but chaos on top’.Here’s a sound file of the groups discussion. Thankyou!

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