BBC Music Day: Testcard

tc2Noise Orchestra were invited by Brighter Sound to deliver a talk on our work, workshop and demonstration of our Noise Machine prototypes for BBC Music Day. Taking over the space in Texture, and open to beginners; we provided attendees with an art historical background to our work, discussing the principles of graphical sound and how we had begun to develop our electronic explorations and how these had manifested artistically in installations and performances. The audience were invited to create their own small noise machine based on a NAND gate, we had a real mix of people from local sound artists, electronic musicians and a visiting party of French composers!

The day was part of Brighter Sound x Test Card, for us it was the first time we had showcased our newly produced prototypes (from our Madlab Arts+Tech Creative Accelerator) and it was thrilling for us to watch and listen to electronic music artists jam on our machines. It really provided us with an insight into the potential of where we can sonically and in terms of the design and playability take the machines.

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