Following our spiky debut at last year’s SynthFestUK, our CACTUS Noise Machine synthesiser that translates light into sound is now available to buy! Hand designed and soldered at our Manchester Noise Studio, the machine features 6 oscillators that are patchable and playable, responding to light input and with a touch interface. Experiment with LIGHT THEREMIN, FREE JAZZ and light controlled LFO settings or creating your own prickly, gnarly feedback systems and patches on the mixer section. CACTUS comes with a patch book and crocodile clips to play with organic materials such as plants, soil or other humans, plus …extra components for improvising with the FLEX and INPUT sections for maximum experimentation and integration into your own setup. Increase the noise with this DIY boutique machine. Get your analogue PHOTOSYNTHESIS ON!

***Please note that due to Covid19 and limited studio access, turnaround for modules is taking a little longer than usual, we’ll email you direct with delivery dates***

DEMO VID A of oscillator positions (dry signal)

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