Innovate UK Study: Noise machines, gesture & performance

“How can light-noise synthesizers expand the creative possibilities of using light and gesture in performance and music making”

This was the study question for our six month research and development study funded by Innovate UK. Areas of focus were

  • intensive studio time to develop up to four new machines
  • modular – how could our machines patch into each other and third party kit?
  • how can light-noise synths be used by interdisciplinary artists
  • investigate the DIY- boutique synth market
  • user testing in Manchester and Berlin
  • rehearse and live test with artists in a public demo
  • artist talks and research on interface design

Our lead partners were Brighter Sound, Texture, UdK and Madlab. Invited artists were Dan Valentine, Sal Maguire, Andrea Pazos, Tech Hermits and AHRKH

Huge thanks to Harry Taylor, Chris Ball and Sean Clarke for their knowledge, openness and technical skills.


Project Blog

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