Pyrite 2 fold axis circles Pyrite 2 fold axis

Noise Orchestra took over the 5th floor attic space in Islington Mill, for a new sound installation as part of A-BOUND festival (festival for experimental art). We were able to test our new paper prototype noise machines on three seperate free standing set ups around the space. It was exciting to witness how these interacted sonically in the space, how they played with each other to create the sonic environment and how audiences interacted with the sculptures and oscillators changing the sound environment with their own shadows.

The noise machines we tested were our evil spave junk module, the PT2399 delay oscillator and our favourite NAND drone.The noise machines we tested were our Evil Space Junk module, the PT2399 Delay oscillator and our favourite NAND drone. We had a good response to our soviet inspired constructivist sculptures, we are now developing these as solid structures made from wood and metal.

The sound environment was interesting and changed over time, the attic itself had a large window on one side so as the sun went down and there was less light hitting the photocells  you could hear the pitch of the installation shift down to a lower frequency.

The graphical laser cut scores we used to create the light patterns around the space were created from the atomic lattices of pyrite (see above pictures). Check out the sounds…