Noise Machine Live Demo. Texture 30.3.17

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The NOISE MACHINE LIVE DEMO was the public outing and culmination of our Innovate UK research study “How can light-noise synthesizers expand the creative possibilities of using light and gesture in performance and music making”. Hosted at legendary venue Texture, we invited a host of interdisciplinary artists to bring their unique skills and disciplines to rehearse and perform with the machines in a live test of the technology we had been developing. These artists were

  • Andrea Pazos – live visuals artist
  • Dan Valentine – electronic musician and producer
  • AHRKH – musician and modular synth
  • Tech Hermits – electronic musicians and projectionists
  • Sean Clarke – live visuals
  • Sal Maguire – dancer- collaborated with Noise Orchestra


Sal 4



Dan V1

Dan Valentine

noise sal

noise sal2

noise sal3

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