Q-O2 SoCCoS Brussels


SOCCOS: Sound of Cultures Cultures of Sound is a European network for exploratory music, sound art and culture. We were invited to Q-O2 in Brussels for our residency to begin testing a new installation performance concept. We created a light – noise electronic audio collage using code controlled fluorescent lighting as a signal source to trigger electromagnets and sequencers-synthesizer circuits to explore the theme FEAR ANGER LOVE. The sounds are directly generated by the rhythmic and random codes (powered by Arduino) which trigger relays connected to fluorescent light sculptures to turning these on and off . Electromagnets respond to the changes in light and in turn trigger our Noise Orchestra circuits (variety of sequencers/delays/drones) which divide the signal and manipulate the wave or pulse to feed into the mixer. This was juxtaposed with disrupted vocal fragments of youtube self help guides, political debates/topical media, contemporary philosophical perspectives and guided meditation.

The effect was a multi layered light and noise collage of improvised electrical hums, pulses, pops and clicks, static electricity tones and 60Hz hum that is at times rhythmically and texturally spacious and light and at other times dark, frenetic and dense. We plan to take these initial tests and develop them into an installation/performance piece with automated midi samples using Ableton and more sculptural and complex light and noise setups and signal flow chains.


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