Focus Group 1: Manchester


Fantastic first focus group session with Manchester based electronic musicians at Brighter Sound. The group were introduced to the project and we discussed the areas of focus we wanted the musicians to critique when playing the machines. The group itself was a diverse bunch of music makers with representatives from industrial music, techno, multi channel electro acoustic, turntabalism, guitarists and we were keen to hand over the mark1 prototype machines , get them to play them and ask their opinions on the following areas;

>sound and timbre of machines

>waveforms: types/ manipulation and signal flow

>gestural parameters and playability (LDRs/buttons/knobs/switches)

>functions and sonic parameters (filters/eq)

It was an incredible session; we are so pleased with the response as the group started playing together collectively really quickly, producing interesting  rhythms, patterns and improvisations. Thanks to all who came down, we have some excellent feedback and starting points for circuit development. Some interesting insights into the ways the machines could be used with their own live set up, how we can increase the complexity of the waveforms and chaos and think about external signals into the machines.

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