Investigating ORBS and SPHERES

imag0335.jpgWe want our noise machines to be sculptural pieces reflecting our artistic aesthetic, it is important however that they are functional and work well with the internal electronics housed inside. We have been exploring the notion of the noise machine either being spherical or having faces and panes. Logistically it is easier for the noise machine to have panes, so the circuitry can be fixed to the panels, however we wanted to explore what a spherical orb like instrument might look.

Research and processes

We were looking at dome blowing, an industrial process of taking a flat piece of perspex and blowing air at a fast rate onto the material to create a raised dome. The local factory we found for this was quite expensive at £120 for 2 sample pieces. We hadn’t decided that perspex was a material we definitly wanted to work with so didnt want to spend the budget on that.


Mayku Visit

imag0384.jpg imag0386.jpgI visited the Mayku workshop at Somerset House in London, part of makerversity and experimented with their Formbox to vacuum mould some orb shapes to see how these could work as the sculptures. This process was very simple as a testing ground to visualise forms that could work, but the material thickness wasn’t right for our instrument.

Access: One problem is access to the electronics, there needs to be a hatch or panel that you can open to change the battery, this would  be particularly problematic with an orb. I was looking at hamster balls to see how the latch fittings work, but thhi works with two interlocking panels that again is an industrial doome blowing process.



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