Cosmonauts Research Trip

Trip to National Science Museum to see the amazing Cosmonauts exhibition. Getting back to our soviet futuristic utopian roots to gain some inspiration for the look of our noise machines. The exhibition began with 1920s suprematist art references and the era of the ‘space fad’ when the Russian public first became obsessed with the space travel sparked by the revolution and the influence of western scifi. Pioneers such as Fedorov and Tsiolkovsky imagined the future of space travel and captivated the Russian psyche and many public community groups were set up to explore and dream of space travel.

On display were Sputnik, Luna, examples of the cosmonauts suits, lots of stimulus for potential shapes and forms for enclosing our oscillators. Can’t wait to start sketching some ideas out and making some models.


I realise I have now seen three different sputnik models in three different countries in one year… too much?

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