Graphical Score Paper Stencils

To create our graphical scores we have taken inspiration from objects and images in the archives at the National Media Museum. Each item was chosen for its unique interesting shape and our curiosity into how these would sound when played with theremins. It has taken painstaking work to get to the stage where we have our final paper scores using various stages of photography, hand drawings, digital manipulation and tracing on Photoshop and Illustrator to finally having these produced as laser cut stencils. The final batch arrived today and we can’t wait to get these on the turntables to have a listen.

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The objects we have chosen are on display in the Gallery, they include

  • Skull from Arthur C Clarkes’ Mysterious World (1980s ITV show)
  • Photo Cannon
  • Kodak Concertina Camera
  • Russian Photosniper Camera
  • Nelrod Camera (US)
  • Cinecam 1950s

wpid-imag2746_1.jpgWe have also selected 2d images from the archives that contain visual repetitions and rhythms such as Muybridge’s ‘Movement of a Hand beating in time’. Inspired by Avraamov’s ‘hand drawn ornamental sound’ explorations we have turned objects and hand drawn skylines into graphical paper scores also. In this image you can see ‘View from Ivan’s tower’ on the far left, the first photograph taken of Moscow and  ‘The Maxim Gorky’ a huge plane built to drop propaganda leaflets over Russia.

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